Share Info

Trading Symbol London AIM Market: CNR
Trading Symbol Toronto Stock Exchange: COG
Trading Symbol Börse Berlin: W5XA
ISIN number: GB00B8225591


Shares Allotted and Issued:


180,532,491 as at 23rd December 2022

Stock Options: 16,059,000
Shares Not in Public Hands: 22.54%

8,194,125 warrants at exercise price 40p. Expiry date 28 May 2023

5,857,138 warrants at exercise price 50p. Expiry date 2 November 2023

5,803,570 warrants at exercise price 35pm Expiry date 17 June 2025

16,666,666 warrants at exercise price 15p. Expiry date 25 May 2024

36,521,500 total outstanding warrants


Holdings of Significant Shareholders

As of 23 December 2022 the Company is aware of the following persons who hold, directly or indirectly, voting rights representing 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company to which voting rights are attached:





Number of Shares



Percentage of issued share capital


Jim Mellon 1, 2



Nicaragua Milling Company Ltd 3



Oracle Investments Ltd/Oracle Global Fund, Inc 4



Mark Child 5 4,268,333 2.36%
  1. Director
  2. Jim Mellon now owns a direct and indirect aggregate shareholding of 36,435,814 Ordinary Shares or 20.18% of the Company. The direct interest is in 2,889,883 Ordinary Shares and the indirect interest in 33,545,931 Ordinary Shares held through Galloway Limited. Galloway Limited is wholly owned by Burnbrae Group Limited which is, in turn, wholly owned by Jim Mellon.
  3. Nicaragua Milling Company (“NMC”) holds 5,000,000 shares and Randy Martin, a director and majority shareholder of NMC, holds 2,150,000 shares.
  4. Oracle Investments Ltd holds 5,869,112 shares and Oracle Global Fund, Inc. holds 1,000,000 shares. Oracle Investments Ltd and Oracle Global Fund, Inc. are associated companies.
  5. Mark Child - CEO